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- Horrible - - - 6/20/2016 - comment
Kurt has no time for anyone that isn't adorable or have some sort of importance in the community, and his wife is just completely clueless.
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- Still love them!!! - - sLnMN7w2q - 10/11/2015 - comment
Still love them!!! We were so happy with the way all of our ptucire's tuernd out! Couldn't be happier with choosing you as our photog!! Thanks again Big D!!

- Girls only apply - - - 2/21/2015 - comment
This man should not be a physical therapist! He's a nothing but a pervert! He has a licensed to treat but uses it to grope women! If your a male patient forget it you will not get to see this man! He spends all his time flirting. I sat on a bed for 20 mins while he showed a "pretty" blonde how to do what he calls butt busters and flirted width his PT student! When he finally got to me He spend a total of 5 mins with me and then went back to the blonde and student and spent the rest of the time flirting with them! Shame on you Kurt! In respect to the other staff members! Paula runs that office and does a great job doing it she is fair and extremely professional! If he ever gets rid of her he can kiss his ass good bye! Jon and Abe great guys keep up the good work! Front office Kim un-decided! If your a guy run and find some place else to go! Girls your in for a real treat! He loves the ladies!
     vXsyFHbFSjm - 5/14/2016 - Wow! Great to find a post knonikcg my socks off!
      - 5/24/2016 - Very true statement

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