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Physical Therapists near San, Diego, CA

Dynamic Physical Therapy, Tamara Perrine
295 G St San Diego, CA
0 miles6192384318

Mission Hills Physical Therapy, Ralph Havens
928 Fort Stockton Dr # 201 San Diego, CA
0 miles6195431470

Park Medical Physical Therapy, Geriann Warnke
4136 Bachman Pl San Diego, CA
0 miles6192972544

Physical Rehabilitation Ntwrk, Jean Ford
4060 4th Ave # 105 San Diego, CA
0 miles6192995246

MVP Physical Therapy, William Robbins
3911 Normal St San Diego, CA
0 miles6192911296

Perspective In Rehab, Sandra Benzon
325 Robinson Ave San Diego, CA
0 miles6192992322

Ortho Sport Health Ctr, Karen Lips
3500 5th Ave # 206 San Diego, CA
0 miles6192999481

Hillcrest Physical Therapy, Donald L Perry
3200 4th Ave # 201 San Diego, CA
0 miles6192974404

Champion Orthopaedics & Rehab, Diane Schwab
2918 5th Ave # 100 San Diego, CA
0 miles6194971890

Rehabilition Services, Tracey Frudden
200 W Arbor Dr # L411 San Diego, CA
0 miles6195432706

Innovative Physical Therapy, Marilyn Johnson
5920 Friars Rd # 102 San Diego, CA
0 miles6192600750

Coast Physical Therapy & Sprts, Katherine A Nusbaum
5353 Mission Center Rd # 221 San Diego, CA
0 miles6192827950

Royal Coast Physical Therapy, Catelyn Fawcett
7851 Mission Center Ct San Diego, CA
0 miles6192957010

Health Point Physical Therapy, Scott Lumsden
5333 Mission Center Rd # 100 San Diego, CA
0 miles6194910113

Physical Rehabilitation, Sean Mckewon
5030 Camino DE LA Siesta San Diego, CA
0 miles6192978925

PRN Physical Therapy, Sean Mc Keown
5030 Camino DE LA Siesta # 105 San Diego, CA
0 miles6192946088

Levas Physical Therapy, Michael G Levas
901 Hotel Cir S San Diego, CA
0 miles8584551222

Ola Grimsby Institute, Ola Grimsby
4420 Hotel Circle Ct # 210 San Diego, CA
0 miles6192984116

Brown Physical Therapy, James Brown
2535 Camino Del Rio S # 140 San Diego, CA
0 miles6192970053

Physiotherapy Associates Inc, Chad Neubrand
7425 Mission Valley Rd # 201 San Diego, CA
0 miles6192913400

Our search engine returns Physical Therapists nearest to San Diego, CA. This page lists the top 1 - 20 Physical Therapists. The Physical Therapists are sorted by the distance in ascending order from the center of San Diego, CA to the locations of Physical Therapists offices. The distance is not driving distance or walking distance, but the straight distance on map, calculated using latitude and longitude. If the businesses are located at the same town or city, the distance might be displayed as 0 mile.

For example, Dynamic Physical Therapy(Tamara Perrine) is located at 295 G St, San Diego, CA. Its map distance to the center of San Diego, CA is 0 miles. Mission Hills Physical Therapy(Ralph Havens) is located at 928 Fort Stockton Dr # 201, San Diego, CA. Its map distance to the center of San Diego, CA is 0 miles. Park Medical Physical Therapy(Geriann Warnke) is located at 4136 Bachman Pl, San Diego, CA. Its map distance to the center of San Diego, CA is 0 miles.

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